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About Us

Welcome, dear visitor to the site company "Polivarm" - single producer polotentseushiteley of mild steel in Ukraine.

Given the experience of foreign companies, which manufacture similar products by applying the most advanced and reliable technology of the production process, our company in 2002 began manufacturing valves "Polivarm" , of the highest European standards as well as adapted to domestic conditions of exploitation.

Anticorrosion treatment of metal, double polymer coating, the thickness of pipes, intended for domestic heating systems. Improving technology has allowed solder connecting joints to produce towel, which are not inferior to the best European examples of our product range.

To date, the range «Polivarm» is represented by more than 10 species of aquatic towel . You can select a towel profile, size and power, which is perfect fit in your room.



To take responsibility, make decisions and act together to achieve the vision and new - is a philosophy of life "Polivarm".

The disappointment of poor quality lasts much longer than the joy of low price

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