Radiators Polywarm

The internal cavity radiators Polywarm corrosion treated during production. They have low thermal inertia, so beautifully adapted for use in modern automatic central heating systems. Ensure efficient use of applied heat and low heating costs.

Radiators can be used in systems that are mounted in steel, plastic and copper pipes. Radiators work well in systems with low-temperature boilers. Thermal capacity radiator does not depend on the speed of water flow through the radiator, which allows their use without restrictions imposed by convectors.

The manufacturer provides a 3-year warranty on radiators, the relevant standards for use of steel radiators - this means in a closed system, well and properly operated obezvozdushennyh, namely, of which during the break between the heating seasons, water is not available.

These radiators give off heat for about 20-25% more, and cost the same amount less than the aluminum sectional radiators. Due to its advantages and high quality radiators of this type, we offer up more than 90% of all heating appliances, which are produced in Europe.

Characteristics of radiators

Panel steel radiators are made of two steel plates 1.25 mm thick and is connected by welding. A large area of ​​the plates increases the heat radiation of radiators. The radiator shroud is usually closed, which gives the radiator smartly-clean look. Each radiator is degreased chemical solution company "Chemical ", phosphating, and then coated with primer and polyester-epoxy paint. Due to the high surface quality, easy to keep clean. The radiators have a snow-white color with high-gloss (RAL 9016).

During the production of radiators to observe the principles of quality control system conforming to international standard ISO 9002.

Each radiator is packed in cardboard and durable plastic bag, and is labeled. The angles are overhead. The marking indicates the type and size.

Application condition
Radiators are used in closed Vodnany heating systems with forced or self-circulation.

Each radiator is carefully checked by the manufacturer of test pressure of 13 bar. Operating pressure in the system at the lower edge of the sink should not exceed 9 bar. Pressure during the test should be accurately monitored and not exceeded the maximum value of 12 bar.

Manufacturer provides a 5-year warranty on their radiators.

Steel panel radiators favorably with those of other types of radiators possibility of selecting a suitable heater power due to a combination of panels and ribs, for the given parameters of width and height, that is, at the expense of depth. Devices may consist of combinations of 1, 2 or 3 panels and ribs, connected in parallel and closed the top and sides with decorative slats.

Series radiator Polywarm: