Towel Polywarm

Given the experience of foreign firms that produce obgrevateli, also of the Black Metal, LLC "Polivarm" has decided to produce towel, is nice and directly to domestic environments.

Antikoroziynaya metal working, double polymer coating thickness tubes, designed for domestic heating systems. Improvement of technology soldering connecting seams are authorized by the towel, which are not inferior to the best European examples. With our product range you can choose the towel this profile, size and power, which are ideally fit into your room.

Towel designed for mounting in an autonomous heating system, except for the model Ovda, which is designed for central heating systems. Warranty period - 1 year from the date of sale through a network of roznichinuyu except model Ovda.
If you can not build in heater in the heating system, it can be connected to the grid with an electric PETN. With the right mix of PETN retains all the operating parameters of the heater.

Modern manufacturing technology, reliable partners, qualified staff, these factors provide production facilities, which allow Ltd. "Polivarm" not only to the Ukrainian market of valves necessary quantity of products, but also to export national product.

Major preumuschestva towel of our production in comparison with foreign analogs, which are represented in the domestic market:

  • chemical corrosion treatment of metal - phosphate;
  • French double polymer coating powder coating ALESTA;
  • pipe wall thickness increased by 0.5 mm;
  • application of the method of welding-brazing non-ferrous metal, which improves the quality and reliability of the connecting joints;
  • towel each individually tested for quality;
  • a wide range;
  • guarantee support for our products;
  • color products you can select the color table by RAL;
  • optimal ratio "price - quality"!

  • Series towel Polywarm: