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Flexible bellows hoses

Flexible hoses bellows is a relatively new product on the Ukrainian market, but, nevertheless, managed to seriously compete with a similar rubber hoses in a variety of braids.

Bellows hoses for gas differs from the water so that the fittings are attached to the hose itself by argon-arc welding (at the time as fitting a water liner attached with zavaltsovyvaniya).

The spectrum of applications is very wide: from household stoves and geysers to use eyeliner in the workplace.

Special attention when choosing a liner material shall be paid to the fitting, which is welded to the hose. Beware of buying hoses that have fittings attached to the hose by crimping (Flexitube).

Currently, the Ukrainian market can be divided into three types by the type of hose fittings:
  • Stainless steel (welding)
  • Carbon steel (welding)
  • Brass (brazing special solder).

    The ideal is the first - has a maximum service life for 15 years - the European standard.

    Manufacturer - 73PEPE, Turkey.
  • The second option is cheaper - hose life - 5 years. The main drawback - possibly composite korrozirovanie stainless hose near the weld with a fitting, resulting in leakage. This type of hose used in Turkey. This hose AYVAZ, BEKA, METROGAZ - Turkish manufacturers.

    The third option is comparable in price to the second, he does not have such a dangerous lack of corrosion of the composite, but its disadvantage is a weaker attachment to the hose fitting.